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This $20 Facial Gel Makes the Skin-Tightening Results of My NuFace So Much More Drastic

This cooling gel works better than formulas 3 times the price.

I try to be disciplined with my facial toning devices; I realize consistency is crucial to achieve something a bit closer to taut, high cheekbones and a sharp jawline from the NuFace and Ziip, (both of which are used by countless celebrities). In the past, however, I’d have long gaps in my treatments, solely because I’d run out of the all-important conducting gel necessary to use my tools; TBH, replenishing the gels that’d come with my devices was costing a pretty penny, as most are hardly cheap. In an effort to save a bit of money and stick to my microcurrent usage, I turned to Amazon, where I discovered an affordable alternative to the brand-name gels. The Skin Rejuvenation Hyaluronic Acid Gel is now my favourite to date, and I’ve bought it countless times. Best of all, it’s a fraction of the price of others, at a mere $20. You can buy your’s right here on Pamperlicious for a fraction of that cost!

Amazon GARYOB Gel for Use with GARYOB Frequency Facial Machine

This is a hydrating, skin-cooling conductive gel formula. While it’s significantly less pricey than most microcurrent conductive gels, it’s virtually identical in feel and function to formulas three times its price. Simply put, the  gel adequately prepares skin for all your favourite at-home microcurrent treatments — at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re already a microcurrent user, you’ll know conductive gel is crucial. For one, it facilitates the gliding motion necessary for lifting facial contours. Secondly, its cooling effect virtually eliminates the mild stinging and tingly sensations inherent to electrical current-based devices. Finally, conductive gel activates the all-important current — be it microcurrent or another type of muscle-toning energy — and allows it to access the muscles you’re intending to tone through the skin.

The formula has a clear, jelly-like consistency, similar to that of a lightweight gel-cream moisturizer I’d reach for in the summer. It’s composed of hyaluronic acid, which quenches and plumps dry skin, and feels soothing the moment it’s applied. Whereas I typically rinse other microcurrent conductive gels once I’ve finished my treatment, Pamperlicious’ gel is formulated such that it can be left on, if you choose, where it functions as a hydrating treatment. Given that rinsing away conductive gel is my least-favourite part of using microcurrent devices, I appreciate this formula, which leaves skin silky, not sticky, even if I leave it on.

In addition to microcurrent treatments, Skin Rejuvenation Hyaluronic Acid Gel can be used with other energy-emitting devices, including devices that rely on radio frequency and IPL hair removal. For this reason, it’s the perfect product to have on hand if you’re a fan of at-home beauty devices, as I am.

One shopper notes that the gel is a “great alternative” to pricier microcurrent conductive gels, while another fan, who uses it after at-home laser hair removal, calls it a “must-have” for cooling and soothing sensitised skin post-treatment.

Content courtesy of  Sophie Wirt

For a multi-purpose conductive gel that works perfectly with any facial toning device, plus myriad additional tools, shop this gel is available now in our online store. If you use facial toning devices as much as I do, I guarantee this wonderfully affordable gel will become your new go-to.

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