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Is Microneedling Right For You?

All too often customers come to our website seeking THE product or facial treatment that will address all of their skincare concerns. All at once. Now. And at a reasonable price, no less! Sadly, there is no such a thing (and if there were, we would be the first to sell it!). Your skin is a […]

Derma Pen Needle Depth Guide

To get the best results from your microneedling treatment, we recommend tailoring the cartridges that you use to the area of your face that you’re treating. As different areas of the face vary in texture (for example, fattier areas such as the cheeks can handle a more robust needle depth than the delicate skin below […]

Organic Face Masks At Home

There isn’t much a good face mask can’t cure. They’re just as amazing at taking the stress out of a crappy day in the office as they are at banishing unsightly parched patches, minimising pores and zapping blemishes. But instead of raiding your fave beauty store for your next mask fix, you might want to look a little closer to home. Pamperlicious […]

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