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Organic Face Masks At Home

There isn’t much a good face mask can’t cure.

They’re just as amazing at taking the stress out of a crappy day in the office as they are at banishing unsightly parched patches, minimising pores and zapping blemishes.

But instead of raiding your fave beauty store for your next mask fix, you might want to look a little closer to home. Pamperlicious Beauty and Body have the perfect little device for creating organic, healthy face masks at home using your favourite fruit and vegetables!

A relaxing night in isn’t complete without a luxurious face mask – but, pampering yourself doesn’t have to mean a trip to the store for expensive skincare products. Treat yourself without the extra chemicals and waste with an organic, waste-free face mask. Homemade masks help deliver nutrients and address skin problems while using ingredients you might already have in your cabinet; and, instead of sending bananas, lemons, and avocados to the compost bin, use them for a zero-waste, DIY skin treatment.

Wash face with a gentle cleanser before applying a mask to allow it to penetrate the skin better. Generally, the mask should be left on for 10-30 minutes for best results and to avoid irritation. Some skincare enthusiasts advocate for using a reusable silicone face mask – like this one from Honest Beauty – to hold the product closer to the skin and allow for better absorption. Once the time is up, wash your face with water and apply moisturizer.

When preparing at home-masks, be sure to use only organic ingredients that have been thoroughly washed, and test a small amount of the mixture on your skin before applying to ensure that you won’t experience an allergic reaction.

The Organic Face Mask Maker is just a click away!

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