24K Collagen Boosting Serum X 3 Bottles


As we age, our collagen level depletes. Our skin cellular turnover rate slows down and the quality of these skin cells are compromised. Our 24K Collagen Boosting Serum X 3 Bottles penetrates deep into the layers of skin to boost and stimulate collagen production and significantly improves the tone, quality and condition of your skin.

Luxury gold foil, hyaluronic acid moisturising essence. Moisturising, whitening, shrinking pore, firming up skin, regulating oil balance, anti-aging. Rapidly absorbed into the skin. Skin will keep smooth and extra supple with easy absorption of all the elements it needs.



* Firmer more toned skin

* Radiant, well nourished and hydrated skin

* Visible reduction in lines and wrinkles

* Visible improvement in the texture and quality of the skin.

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