• Smooth Skin Massager


      An elegant device which binds topical heating, micro-vibration and galvanic ionic therapy for your precious face and body too. It reactivates skin cells by delivering bio micro currents to help rejuvenate facial skin. It effectively tightens and lifts your skin and at the same time contributes to wrinkles and fine line reduction.

      It can also assist the process of skin absorbing cosmetic nutrition (nutrient creams for eyes, face and neck, moisturisers, etc) and keeps a balanced skin pH level.

      Skin Iron Massager is a micro-current toning device that helps improve face and body contours and tone and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using gentle micro-current energy, this device will firm, smooth, tighten and brighten skin when used for a few minutes every day. Skin Iron Massager adopts both positive and negative ions that invigorate skins cosmetic formula and to help bioactive ingredients penetration into the dermal layer while expelling dirt from the skin. The vibrating effect of the Skin Iron Massager gives a great massaging effect that helps ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layer.

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