Ultimate Face Lifting LED Mask

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Free of chemicals and UV light, Ultimate Face Lifting LED Mask harnesses clinically proven LED technology to improve skin conditions with an incredible 1,200 LED Lights!

Designed to provide superior performance, flexibility and prolonged usage within the professional spa, medispa or clinical environment. The modular design makes the parts detachable for easy storage and comes with an eye cushioning. Compact and easy enough to use in the home environment to achieve professional results.

Ultimate Face Lifting LED Mask provides effective phototherapy treatment as the face-shaped design ensures the LED lights are close to the face and neck.

It is a 100% non-invasive, no downtime, no pain, no needle type of anti-aging treatment to achieve remarkable anti-aging results, skin rejuvenation, fine lines, and wrinkles reduction. It is also a great substitute for acne treatment without the use of any chemicals on the skin or oral intake.

LED lights facial also promotes sun damage healing, brightens and even out discoloured skin tones such as freckles, sun spots, brown patches, and liver spots. It has an anti-inflammatory function to calm irritated skin.

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